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Our 4-Step Termite Control Strategy

Step 1: Inspection

Let's determine first if you have a termite problem. We begin by completing a termite inspection, then providing you a detailed analysis report of our findings and recommendations.

Step 2: Treat

If termites are found in the accessible and visible areas of your home, the second step is to recommend the appropriate treatment option to get rid of those pesky critters! 

Step 3: Repair

Let's get to work! The third step involves any repair to the damaged area wood members if needed. Our company has experienced carpenters trained to replace and repair all your wood structure needs!

Step 4: Prevent

To prevent termites from taking over your home again, the fourth step includes prevention measures. We include 1 year warranty service for local treatments, and 2 year warranty service for fumigation services! 

*Ask About Our 10 Year Guarantee on the Termidor® Restoration Treatment for Subterranean Termites!

*Local Treatment Warranty is For Treated Areas Only

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Victor P. Facebook Business Verified Review 11/2017
"We've worked with dozens of termite companies over the years, and of all the companies our clients choose to work with, Alex and Anteater Termite seem to have the best rates and the most satisfied customers" 

Monica N. Thumbtack Verified Review 6/2017

"I'm so happy I found Anteater. In a stressful situation like selling a home, It was a miracle I found Anteater.  The office administrator was so knowledgeable and professional. Right from the start I could tell she knew what she was doing and was no stranger to working with time constraints and stress. She explained the entire process and assured me of her boss' knowledge of those pesky termites. Anteater even double checked their original findings because of the buyers concerns. I can't thank the office admin and the entire Anteater group enough"

Jessica C. Thumbtack Verified Review 2/2017

"This company was exactly what my husband and I were looking for. After purchasing our home the last thing we wanted was a headache. We got a free estimate from these guys and they were able to give us an unbeatable quote for a house full of work even after shopping around. Sugy was so sweet and helpful while Alex, Michael and Bernardo were punctual, professional and completed great work"


Jayne D. Google Verified Review 5/2017

"I love Anteater Termite Company!  I am an apartment and property Manager in Hollywood, CA and I was having a great deal of trouble establishing some comprehensive solutions for a wood fence in need of pest repair surrounding our building.  After an appointment with inspector Alex Moon, I had "several" options, instead of "one" expensive option that other inspector's had quoted - AND the consultation was "free"!  We decided on a step plan to save the wood frame and some of the newer wood slats and then apply a thorough pest treatment.  When we decide to replace this fence, it will be with Anteater Termite & Pest Control because of their professionalism and experience, quality and efficiency, and great price and customer service.  I highly recommend Anteater because they know what the customer or management company needs and they can deliver"

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Wood Destroying Organisms

What To Expect

Termite Inspection

Your Termite inspection, a.k.a. Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) inspection, is a comprehensive inspection for wood-destroying organisms such as termites, woodboring beetles and dryrot fungus of the interior and exterior of structures on the property including its substructure and attic spaces. Upon completion of the inspection, the inspector will go over all findings and recommendations with the homeowner or agent if desired. A written report is issued and usually available within 48 business hours.

Finding and Recommendation

California law requires that the report specify the WDO, note the resulting structural damage of the visible and accessible areas, and recommend treatment and/or repair. You report will also have a diagram showing every part of the house checked for signs of infestation or infections. 

Work Authorization

A Work Authorization is the contract page of a termite report. The cost for treatment and/or repair recommends in the body of the report are itemized here. 

Notice of Completion and Non-Completion

A Notice of Work Completed and Not Completed, a.k.a. Notice of Completion (NOC), is filed by the termite company upon completion of all authorized repairs and/or treatments.

Termite vs Pest Control

Termite Control

Wood Destroying Organisms (WDO) such as termites and dry-rot fungus are "Structural" pests that threaten the integrity of your structure.

Household Pest

Your "Household" pests are cockroaches, ants, mice, rats, silverfish, spiders (non-poisonous), earwigs, millipedes, bedbugs, mites, stink bugs, ticks, fleas, etc. 

Termite Control & Wood Repair

* please ask us about our 10 year guarantee on the termidor® restoration treatment for subterranean termites

Get To Know Us

In Woo (Alex) Moon has been in the industry for over thirteen years. With thousands of happy new home owners and real estate agents, Alex was able to launch Anteater Termite last quarter of 2016. Look forward to delivering quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. Servicing the Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. 

Free Termite Inspections*

*Small fee applies for an official Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Report

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